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Tarot Reading

Get a personal tarot card reading with Tammy the Tarotist. Tammy will give you a reading that responds directly to your individual wants and needs. She attempts to provide you with new perspectives, guidance, and/or the confirmation you may need or desire. The reading process is simple, private, and personal and can take mere minutes, or hours -- it's completely up to you! How much do you want to know?? The going rate for a complete unlimited general reading with Tammy is $75 but Tammy also offers flat rate readings that range between $50 and $100 dollars. She also offers weekly discounts and specials!             

Party and Event Services

Host your very own Tarot Reading Party or book Tammy the Tarotist for your next special event, party, or celebration! Tammy will provide you and each of your guests with a party bag, a personal tarot reading, and a night full of laughter, fun and games, and of course, wonderful prizes! Give your guests an experience that they won't forget anytime soon! Book your event or party today!

Cleansings and Blessings

Are you carrying around negative, heavy, or repressed energy? Do you need to cleanse yourself, a specific object, or your home of such energy? Let Tammy help you with a personalized in-depth cleansing and blessing. She will work with you to find the perfect cleansing and blessing ritual for you and will guide you through the process so you can perform it on your own.


Tammy the Tarotist
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